Sunday, December 14, 2008


Is this really what we have come to in our world? Today, President Bush made a surprise trip to Iraq and during a news conference with the Iraqi media, he was pelted with a pair of shoes. The reporter was threw the shoes in protest of what the war in Iraq has done to the country and the people. I am by no means passing judgement of anyone involved in the incident. I just find it disturbing and yet amusing that this is what a news conference with, supposedly, one of the most powerful world leaders has come to.

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Sarah said...

i agree that it is sad, and wow -- what a sign of disrespect! but.... at the same time... i giggled my ass off watching the clip. i mean, considering how badly he has effed up in that part of the world, he should be grateful no Iraqis tried to kick him in the nuts.... or worse!