Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hi my name is...

Hello, my name is Leftturnyielder and I'm addicted to Google Reader. Yep, third night this week that I have spent multiple hours reading numerous blogs. I've crossed over to the dark side. Good thing my husband has been out of town so he hasn't discovered my addiction. Yet.


Rachella said...

Hi- My blog must have been one of the ones your were looking at-- sorry to be an enabler!

BTW, I like your blog -- and the video clip on your profile.

Me? A Mom? said...

Hey there - totally unrelated to this post, but I wanted to get back to you on your question about sewing machines.

A modestly priced Brother machine would work for you. Look for a machine that has an easy to load bobbin and the basic stitches - straight, zig zag, button hole, etc. If you think you might want to quilt, a walking foot is really nice but that's often an add on expense.

I recently was in Heyde Sewing on Lindbergh and they seemed really helpful. Maybe check some machines out there?

Jamie said...

You SEE?? I'm actually helping you by NOT blogging.

Side note - I have a sewing machine and used to sew back in the early days....high if you're looking to take lessons or something, let me know and I'll go with you. I can't even remember how to string the bobbin.

Sarah said...

1. Your last five posts just popped up on my GR this morning. (12/29!)

2. I bought a sewing machine last year. I love it. While I haven't learned as much on it as I had hoped, I've been happy with all the projects I have done. I'm planning on making a tree skirt for next year. The fabric stores have good deals on felt right now.

Brittany said...

I'm completely addicted to the Google Reader as well. I am definitely guilty of checking it every day.

-Brittany (Mike & Lajuanna's daughter. I'm not a creeper.)