Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cozy and Warm

It was a dark and stormy morning.... Actually, it was a cold, damp, and raining morning when my very cooperative friend, Amy, and I ventured to Old Navy* to check out their winter coats. It was definitely one of those St. Louis days that reminds you that a warm coat is needed but it was also gray enough that you also want it to be fun!

I was in desperate need of a new coat. My last peacoat is beginning to show that it's over 5 years old. (Is there such a thing as coat years?!) And it's definitely showing that it's been to several countries, states, and cities and shoved in one too many suitcases. So off to start our search!

For over an hour, Amy and I criss crossed across the unusally quiet Ladue location of Old Navy and tried on just about every coat in the store! We found tons of great ones and much was debated. Fun or function? Style or flexibility? Eventually we took two different paths.

I decided I need a basic coat that will keep my tush warm and look good with both pants and dresses. This is the sassy one I ended up with and I got a fun scarf to dress it up! Amy ultimately decided to go for a bold and fun option and scored this fun peacoat.

We both left happy, warm, and a little more stylish!!

*These coats were provided to us by Old Navy through Crowdtap. The only compensation we received were the coats themselves and the fun we had. And the warm tushies to follow!

This blog will resume very shortly.....

Hiatus would be an understatement but I will be back with tales of yielding to green and more very soon. If anybody is even still here!

Monday, January 4, 2010

You've Got to Be Kidding Me

It never ceases to amaze me how some people do not realize appropriate attire for certain situations. My parents, especially my father, raised my siblings and me to dress for where we were going and who we were going to be around. He believed that no matter how much money you have you can always present yourself in a clean, well kept manner. You know, the whole Sunday best mentality of generations past. I am thankful for this lesson and hope to pass it on to my children one day.

Well, tonight I was watching the episode of Iron Chef America where the compete at the White House. The opening scene is Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, and Mario Batali walking across the White House lawn. Reminiscint of the great flip flop scandal of 2005, Chef Batali wearing those ridiculous orange crocs he apparently never takes off. I mean really? Were you raised a barn? This the White House and the First Lady is going to be meeting with you, show some respect.


Remember this post? Well, my goal didn't really happen. I hate to say fail because in the grand scheme of things, it is not that big of a deal. It has taught me to try to make small steps in some of the goals I have for the New Year. Recently, I have realized a lot of things need to change in my life. I've been thinking about how my life has unfolded in the past few years and where I want to be in the next few years. All of this thinking has made me realize one thing, I'm the only one that can affect the outcome. Not my husband, not my family, and not my friends, although they are all more than supportive. The next three or four months are going to be tough and raw at times but I need and more importantly, want, to change.

There you go, I put it out there. Now I need to follow through. Here's to a good year.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Okay, so blogging has not been what I had hoped it would be. Changing this is on my "list" for this year. Here's a great picture to start your New Year. (Taken and duly inspired from Newlywedisms by Bryn.)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I May Be the Only One But....

Congratulations to Michael Voltaggio! He is the new Top Chef! Just about everyone I know wanted Kevin to win and while I think he is very talented and competent, he just didn't bring it to the finale. This is one of the few times in these competition type shows that I truly felt that all of the finalists deserved to be there. I'm sure the phone is ringing off the hook at both Brian and Kevin's restaurants this weekend.

My 8 Books in 30 Days

Ok, I've combed my bookshelves and picked out the 8 books that I plan on reading. I think having them picked out will help me roll from one book to the next one with less down time. I'm excited to start tonight and hopefully this feeling will continue!

Here it is:

1. Holidays on Ice, David Sedaris: I've been wanting to read this book for years and just haven't gotten around to buying it. I picked it up last week and look forward to a few good laughs that will be much needed in the coming weeks.

2. Cooked, Jeff Henderson: I've read many good reviews of this memoir and I love books written by chefs. Cooking is such an interesting way of expressing oneself and the restaurant industry is a very unique way of life.

3. Annie Dunne, Sebastian Barry: This is one of about 15 books I got in the big summer clearance at Borders. I like historical fiction and I love reading about places that are familiar to me. It's a shorter book so it should be easy to get into.

4. The Middle Place, Kelly Corrigan: I bought this book right before a good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. Honestly, I've put off reading it because I'm afraid of facing this issue.

5. All Names Have Been Changed, Claire Kilroy: I picked this up on my notorious visits to Eason's in Dublin.

6. The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch: I might be the last person on Earth to read this book. I'm bringing the tissues.

7. The Death of Conservatism, Sam Tanenhaus: I find political parties and how they evolve in modern society fascinating.

8. Brooklyn, Colm Toibin: This came highly recommended from a producer at RTE during a late night talk about reading this summer. I immediatley went to Eason's the next day to pick it up. I'm surprised my bags weren't overweight on the way home!

Well, there you go. Now I'm accountable to myself for this goal. I'll update on how I'm doing and with reviews as I go.