Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trying to Get Back into Reading as a Habit

I used to be a voracious reader, especially as a child. Since I got married I don't read as much because I prefer to read at night, in bed. My husband does not like the light on and so we have to compromise a bit. I've tried to use a small book light but it's just not the same. One of my problems is I also love TV. A lot. I'm trying to break myself of the habit of going to TV instead of reading. So in light of some other goals I'm trying to set for myself, I'm starting with a reading goal. Eight books in 30 days, that's attainable right?

Let me also say that this month includes my sister's birthday, my mom's birthday, Christmas, and New Year's. Oh, and my husband is coming home from being away for almost 2 1/2 months.

This 30 days will start on Thursday Dec. 10. I'm going to work on compiling my 8 books. I want to vary the titles with some good and meaningful titles and a couple sheer entertainment. Comments welcome!


Sarah said...

We have the same problem with the light. With my new job, I go to bed way before DH, so that means I can read without bothering him. On nights we go to bed at the same time though, I just don't read as much cause I know it bugs him.

Mary said...

I wish I read more too. I have a pile of books just waiting for me. I am usually so tired by the time I get into bed, that I can only last a few pages. What I should do is turn off the TV or go into a different room and read a little bit every night.

One book I've recommended to fellow STLWedders that they've liked is "When We Were Gods" by Colin Falconer. It's an historical fiction novel about Cleopatra. I mostly read non-fiction, so I'm not sure if you'd like anything else I'd recommend.

Angie said...

I have a book light and I love it! Sometimes it falls out which is annoying but for the most part it works pretty well.
Are you on goodreads.com? Alot of us stlwedders are on there and you can see what others are reading and their reviews.
Here are some books that I COULD NOT PUT DOWN:
The lost symbol, dan brown.
Water for elephants, and the Glass castle. I really like tv too, but I love to lay down in bed with a book and I'm usually out soon after cause the reading puts me to sleep.