Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cozy and Warm

It was a dark and stormy morning.... Actually, it was a cold, damp, and raining morning when my very cooperative friend, Amy, and I ventured to Old Navy* to check out their winter coats. It was definitely one of those St. Louis days that reminds you that a warm coat is needed but it was also gray enough that you also want it to be fun!

I was in desperate need of a new coat. My last peacoat is beginning to show that it's over 5 years old. (Is there such a thing as coat years?!) And it's definitely showing that it's been to several countries, states, and cities and shoved in one too many suitcases. So off to start our search!

For over an hour, Amy and I criss crossed across the unusally quiet Ladue location of Old Navy and tried on just about every coat in the store! We found tons of great ones and much was debated. Fun or function? Style or flexibility? Eventually we took two different paths.

I decided I need a basic coat that will keep my tush warm and look good with both pants and dresses. This is the sassy one I ended up with and I got a fun scarf to dress it up! Amy ultimately decided to go for a bold and fun option and scored this fun peacoat.

We both left happy, warm, and a little more stylish!!

*These coats were provided to us by Old Navy through Crowdtap. The only compensation we received were the coats themselves and the fun we had. And the warm tushies to follow!

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